The most important 4 Lessons I've learned from Karate as a child:

- PRACTICE, I knew if I want something like a skill or material thing, I have to practice, work, read, ask questions, help others (when we help others we become better and learn more)... Even now, the practice continues 👊

- PERSEVERANCE, I had loooots of obstacles to achieve my goals and I could choose to give up or to take it like a lesson and continue. I've choose to continue, to overcome obstacles and to take that "gold medal"🥇... not only in karate. Everyone can continue when it's easy but if u can continue when is hard  even with chalenges, there is the growth💪

- PATIENCE, true, I had tghouts like: "is to late, I'will not have that chance any more, why I have to wait that much..." but that was only tghouts that I didn't followed 

- A TEAM that cares about me, we have fun😁  and I care about them❤️ 

-Alexandru Sorin-