22, novembre 2015

         Great competition for our athletes - Coupe Marc Hamon

With  7 athletes Academie De Karate Alexandru Sorin  get 5 gold, 2 siver and 2 bronze. 

The competition starts with Alvin in kata. Alvin he's  7 years old and yellow belt , he got  bronze.  In his division was 12 athletes  with yellow, orange, green and blue belt. 

Alvin again, he said :" for circuits  I'll get gold", and he did .With his great speed, coordination and agility he got gold.

Competition continue with Duncan, after 3 amazing fights very well strategic prepared (only 8 years old) he got gold medal. 

David 9 years old, in kata division silver and combats for the first time he got gold. Great timing, great punches.

Angelia 11 years old, at the 3 fight, in final she score in the last second and win gold medal in combats.

Carmin 11 years old, great kicks and precision,  after 2 fights, he got  gold medal.

Angelo  14 years old,  very good movements,  he got  bronze medal in combats.

Boaz 12 years old, great speed and intensity he got silver in combats. 

Congratulations guys!!!! 

Every day is an experience, take from today all you can to become better karate and life. 

Today you impressed me with your attitude, being togheder the all day, warming up , encouraged your team mates and of course  having fun together.

A big THANKS to our great Sponsors; Giraco Assurances, Brochetterie Parthenon, Azad pharmaceutical ingredients, Bench Canada.

Thanks to our colleagues from training.
Thanks to our coaches Sorin and George.
Thanks to parents who bring a big support to our athletes and Academy.