His name is Kaylen

He's 5 years old and he started practicing karate 8 months ago at the age of 4. This week he passed his first karate belt test. He showed perseverance and ``don't give up`` attitude.

 This is how it happened:  

 When he started to do karate he said he wanted to become a Ninja and he was very serious about it, although for some reason, he preferred to watch the other kids instead of participating at his first training session.

The second training session came by and Kaylen still preferred to observe the others from the sides, close to his father.  However, he started to performed the exercises he was seeing.  At one point, when I saw this, I invited him to join us, but he declined by hiding behind his father.

It took another 3 weeks of training that Kaylen attended, before he joined us.  Today he still wants to become a Ninja.

 What a great example to follow we got here, from Kaylen !  When you really want to achieve something, don't let yourself be beaten by hard beginnings , don't give up end eventually you will achieve it.

Congratulations Kaylen !