Today I want to present you
Duncan, he's 8 years old.

Duncan he's a hard working kid and after every karate class he ask me what to do for homework, with pleasure I tell him what to do.

Duncan this year had 3 competitions without medal and after every competition he said next time I will  win first place, maybe he's inspired by his older sister that she won 1st at the US Open 2015 in Vegas.

This past weekend we had a competition in Montreal with 350 athletes, total for all divisions.  
I helped Duncan for warmup and I ask him, "are you ready"? And with confidence and strong voice he answer, "Yes Sir"! 

I was impressed about that attitude. 

Duncan starts the first fight very focused, he was listening the instructions from the sidelines that I was giving and he score with a great kick, he continued with another two punches to the body and he finish the fight with 5-0.

Duncan looks very happy and focus for the next fight, with strategy and speed he win the second fight 6-0 and he is going to the finals. 

Duncan have only 1:30 min to recover before the final. The fight starts and his opponent take one point, Duncan ties with a punch to the body, fight continue, Duncan kick and the score is now 4-1, his opponent score and  tie with a kick 4-4, both athletes are very good, there is only 10 seconds left and Duncan with multiple atacks try to score and the time is finish.

Now we have to wait referees decision, me as a coach I am so nervous, referees call the decision and Duncan become a champion in combats for the first time!!!  

Duncan came and give me a hug, after, run to his mom, give her a hug and say " I am a champion I am a champion"!!!

(This moments make me happy)

We all can learn something from this, believe in yourself, don't give up, be perseverent and good things happen!!!

There is no overnight success.

AKAS karate is proud of you Duncan.

sensei Sorin