Boaz’s Story,


Boaz is 13 years old and started karate one year ago. He shows special interest in combat and he was very dedicated.  He practices his favourite karate techniques at home, sometimes asking me for suggestions on what to practice.  He improved so much after only after 3 months of practice that he became a Yellow-Orange belt champion at the Montreal Games.

Last fall, I informed all athletes that selection process will be starting soon and that the first and second athlete of every division will qualify to be part of Québec Team in order to attend Canadian championship witch will take place in Vancouver.

Boaz showed particular interest in these selections.   I told him that the athletes he hill have to compete against have an average of 3 to 4 years of karate experience, and reminded him that he only started karate 8 months ago.  What I said was no deterrent for Boaz, so I was very impressed by the courage he displayed. 

Boaz ended singing up for selections and he agreed with me  that he always had to give his 100 % in training as in competition but still have fun during the process.  During several regular and private trainings sessions, Boaz showed constant progression at throwing punches.

Boaz attended selections and earn enough points to finish in the second place witch guaranteed him one of the 2 spots on the Québec Team.

January 2016, while in Vancouver for the National Championship, Boaz looked at the Olympic Gymnasium and how many people attended the event and he said “wow that's so big!" 

Seeing his amazement, I had to remember him to keep this concentration because eventually he had to show up in the ring and compete.

On the very day of the competition, while Boaz started his warm up, I could see in his eyes, his thirst of winning, the feeling I felt myself on my competition days.  After 3 fights, Boaz won the Gold medal. When he knew he won, he run into his father’s arms, the person witch was always beside him.

The joy of winning, made him hug his colleagues, coaches and supporters.  Boaz showed a humble attitude by acknowledging that he couldn't achieve this without the help of his family, colleagues, friends and coaches.


Congratulations Boaz!!! 


 Sensei  Sorin